The Art of Journaling

Keeping a journal is not just for the sake of writing but it also serves as a mirror of how much you've grown over the years and gives retrospection of past memories and decisions.

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why Write a Journal

Writing a journal serves a lot of purpose in our lives. Ranging from writing about those moments of bursting feelings and emotions from dark moments in your life, or when you want to keep a record of those times when you've felt extremely exhilarated, when you are troubled about something and want to ease yourself of the burden it brings, or when you want to rant about something but something is holding you back...

The pen and paper will help you keep track of it all.

Journal writing has long been proven to have several benefits. On a September issue published by APA's Journal of Experimental Psychology (JEP: General Volume 130 No. 3), writing has been indicated to improve memory and reduce intrusive and avoidant thoughts over unwanted scenarios.

Evidently, when a person goes through something in his life and can't find someone to confide to, be comforted with, or lean on, writing offers an outlet and a relief. Furthermore, it also aids in maming the right decisions and helps an individual not to make the same mistakes again.

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the Benefits of keeping a Journal

Words are powerful. They provoke thought, stimulate creativity, and most importantly, they hold within them the power to heal.

Good for mental health

Various studies have shown that journalling helps reduce and manage all levels of depression. It has been proven to be an effective in reducing risks of depression among young adults by helping keep them away from uncontrollable depressive thoughts.

In addition to that, it assists in reducing anxiety and frustration and helps in expressing pain accumulated over the past days. This allows retrospection and shows the individual how he's grown from each mistake he's made and experience he's been through.

Aids personal growth

Boosting the body's immune function has also been proven to be one of the advantages of journal writing according to various studies. Research says that people who wrote in their journals for 20 minutes a day have shown positive impacts such as improved immune system, liver and lungs and reduced blood pressure.

People who wrote were able to look at their lives in the bigger picture and larger perspective by writing down those life-changing events. This is essential because the monotony of complying to life's requirements and facing its issues sometimes make people forget how they got to where they are, neglecting the struggles, tears and pain just to get there.

Having a tangible reminder of those stepping stones and struggles will help people appreciate how much has been lost and gained and also help us realize how far they've gotten in life, not just physically and materially but mentally and spiritually as well.

Enhances mental sharpness

Since venturing daily life is sometimes noise polluted, repeated tasks and automated routines, writing gives exercise to the brain. This is essential because the brain is responsible for creativity, self-expression, and imagination. Giving your brain a work out by planning and writing it out helps develop and maintain mental sharpness.

Writing helps organize thoughts and gives the opportunity to be able to reread them even after a few years. One can realize that his personal writing style has changed and creativity is furthermore developed as he writes and applies it in his life.

Helps set goals and achieve them

Life is associated with responsibilities and goals to aim. Journal writing is one way to record, remind yourself of, and share all your goals you wish to set and achieve. It is the best place to write your resolution to be able to keep track of your progress. It also helps reminisce the lessons learned in life so far.

Never lets one feel lonely

Venting and ranting about your struggles and frustrations won't be difficult when you write them all out on your journal. It allows you to express what you feel deep down without the fear of criticism or judgment, thus becoming your silent best friend that knows your weaknesses and strengths alike. Your journal is open to receive all your sorrows, tears, losses, achievements, downfalls, successes and all other remarkable moments in life.

It also acts as a stepping stone in knowing yourself better. By allowing you to look at yourself, compare it to your past self, and helping you realize the areas that need work and improvement. Journal writing is a practice that helps you learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws as part of molding the person you are right now and will be in the future.

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Journal writing is a very enjoyable hobby and to help you maximize this experience, the right journal that will suit your needs as well as style must be carefully selected and picked from the vast sea of choices.

Journaling Tips: How To Start and Maintain Your Journal Journey

1. Journal for happy moments

This type is aimed at maintaining a positivity within your mindset and personality. You can write down any kinds of victory won that are worth celebrating no matter how small because by doing so, you learn to give appreciation to the hard work your self has worked on in surpassing and overcoming the struggles and obstacles you met in achieving your goal.

This works best for people who long for happiness and positive outlook in life since this journal largely comprises of positivity and appreciation which then improves mental health and helps shift the mood to just thinking of the good things.

2. Journal for travel

Although the use of cameras have been very prevalent in our society nowadays, nothing can still beat the old school classic of keeping memories which is in the form of pen and paper. Imagination amd creativity are stirred when one tries to describe the sight, smell and feeling of getting into some place or moment which a simple photograph cannot express but one can greatly experience when it is written down in a journal.

Anyone can even try sketching the image into the pages while writing descriptions on the sides to make the entry more interesting and nostalgic to look back on when the time comes. This type of journal is best for those who love travelling and exploring.

3. Journal for Difficult Times

This is the type of journal that everyone can relate with and might want to because this is best for everyday activities where frustrations and anxieties are present. An individual can rant all he wants in this journal without fearing damage of reputation or judgment since journal writing is private. The negative energies can find their release and outlet in this type of journal.

The pages are open to receive thoughts of depression, stress, and anxiety and help straighten the writer's thoughts out after venting these ideas in his head. For sometimes, what people really need is not an immediate solution but an outlet to let all the built-up stress go away.

4. Journal for Poems

Another special type of journal where an individual can write poems that caught his attention and tugged at his heartstrings or when he himself gets an inspiration to write one. He can fill the pages with his emotions and inspiration and let these heartfelt thoughts freely bleed through the tip of his pen onto the paper which is ready to receive anything his mind can conceive as his heart leads.

This type of journal helps awaken and enhance creativity as well as imagination, art, and poetry of which it is mainly about.

5. Journal for Letter

Lastly, this journal is the kind where you can write with a person in mind as the addressee of the intents and purposes of your letter but not necessarily read it. That person can be a family member, a loved one, a friend, a lover, or even your self--past, present and even future.

This journal provides space for the things you want to tell someone but can't muster enough courage to talk about with. You can pour out all your emotions on this journal and let yourself feel the comfort of unburdening yourself from the noise that these thoughts have filled your mind with.

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Sometimes, the friend we are looking for doesn't need to be a person but just something who will receive all our outbursts, thoughts, emotions, feelings without leaving any judgment and criticism.

That is the kind of friend journal writing offers to us.

These journals come in different styles and serve different reasons but all come together for the sole intention of sharing all the lessons learned from the great and joyful experiences and even the sad ones and committing them all to memory.

And what wisdom the old adage holds when it said...

"The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory."
Begin your journal writing journey now!